DEmonstration of LIdar based Clear Air Turbulence detection

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Deliverable list

Del. no Deliverable name WP no Lead beneficiary Nature1 Delivery date (months)
D0000-1, -2, -4, -5 Project interim progress reports 0000 1-THA R T0+6, +12, +24, +30
D0000-3 Mid term periodic report 0000 1-THA R T0+18
D0000-6 Final report 0000 1-THA R T0+36
D1100 Users requirement regarding CAT protection 1100 1-THA R T0+6
D1200 Flight tests requirements 1200 1-THA R T0+6
D2400 Beam steering mirror report 2400 1-THA R T0+18
D3100 Test strategy study report 3100 5-FME R T0+12
D3300 Report on preferred algorithm(s) 3300 11-ICM R T0+27
D3400 Report on CAT forecast validation 3400 5-FME R T0+33
D4100-1 Aircraft Integration & Validation Plan 4100 7-NLR R T0+14
D4100-2 Flight Test Plan 4100 6-NLR R T0+18
D4200 Aircraft Integration and Validation Report 4200 6-NLR R T0+21
D4300 Flight Trials Executive Summary 4300 6-NLR R T0+27
D5100 LIDAR and context sensor data extraction and processing method report 5100 6-NLR R T0+33
D6300 DELICAT exploitation plan 6300 1-THA R T0+36

1 Codes for nature of deliverables:
R = Report
P = Prototype
D = Demonstrator
O = Other